5 Spring Iron Fence Installation Tips

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Spring is a great time to install a new iron fence.  Your garden hasn’t started, too, making it easier to get behind flower beds and hedges. If you’re hiring an installer (and we suggest you do), spring is an ideal time to get your fence project on the books. Installations peak in the summer, so booking your fence in the early spring may help you get a better deal and faster service.

Whether you’re going to embark on some fence DIY or if you’re hiring an installer, here are a few tips for a successful fence installation.

Check Your Property Lines

Before you plan out your iron fence, get your property surveyed. A property survey is much less expensive than having to yank out and reinstall a brand-new fence. The survey will show you where your property line is so you can plan the perimeter of your fence without ticking off the neighbors.

Keep on the Straight and Narrow

Use guy lines to keep your iron fence arrow straight. First, place the corners of your fence. Then, run a guy line from one corner to the next. Keep the guy line in place until you place your post holes.

Dig Your Post Holes, Fill, and Wait

Once you have your post holes plotted out along your guy line, dig straight down below the frost line, at least three feet below the surface. Have a helper hold the post vertical and square as you fill the hole with concrete. Then, wait at least three days for the post holes to set before installing the sections of your iron fence.

Add Your Sections

Once your post holes are set, it’s time to install the ornamental iron fence sections. Fasten your sections securely to the fence posts, keeping the top of the fence level section-to-section. Don’t forget to add at least one gate to your fence for easy access.

Hire a Pro for your Iron Fence

Sounds like a lot of work? It is! That’s why it makes sense to hire the professionals. Artistic Ornamental Iron not only designs beautiful wrought iron fence installations, we professionally install it to make sure your fence will look beautiful for years to come. Take a look at our gallery for some design inspiration.

Spring is a great time to install a new iron fence, but don’t wait too long! It is much easier to install a fence before the ground freezes. To get started on your fence design, contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today

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