Plymouth Metal Railings Facilitate Workflow

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A mechanic was wanting to install some safety measures in the garage he was converting into a shop. He called Artistic Ornamental Iron for metal railings in Plymouth that could give him something to grab onto from under cars and also hang rags and towels off of for easy access. The mechanic also wanted something that would last and also not stain, so we met with him to go over his goals.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron professionals met with the customer in Plymouth and he showed us the garage that he was converting into a shop to work on cars and motorcycles in. He wanted to be able to use the metal railings to help him get up when he was laying on the ground. We let him know that we would custom make his railings to meet his needs and expectations, which we did. Our ironworkers hand welded and created the railings for the customer and our installers returned under two weeks to have them installed. Once they were installed the mechanic said he wanted to try them out just to make sure they were stable and durable. He laid down and use the railings to help him get up. He said this is exactly what I was wanting. He said Artistic Ornamental Iron provided him with the best metal railings Plymouth residents would admire. He said the metal railings were not only going to assist him, but they also look great too.

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