Plymouth Baluster Built to Last

Plymouth Baluster Built to Last

Recently, Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a homeowner in Plymouth. The homeowner is a professional painter that had decided to get rid of an old oversized TV from his master bedroom. He and his buddy was carrying the TV out when they set it on a wooden baluster near the staircase to get a better grip on the TV. Unfortunately, the two severely damaged the woodwork, but the painter decided to have it replaced for the home with an iron baluster in Plymouth.

He called us based upon a friend’s recommendation, and we were able to upgrade the appearance of the railing for the Plymouth resident. The Artistic Ornamental Iron meet with the homeowner and he showed us the wooden baluster. We showed the homeowner a few of the iron balusters that we have provided for other residents in the city. The homeowner was captivated by one of the photos and wanted his iron baluster to resemble that one. In no time at all we had the iron balusters built and installed for the homeowner. The customer said he was highly impressed with the craftsmanship that went into his baluster, because as a painter he said it takes patience, dedication, and passion to create art and that is exactly what his baluster is now. The customer said he is very thankful that his friend recommended Artistic Ornamental Iron for the best baluster Plymouth homeowners appreciate, because the staircase is transformed and looks amazing now, thanks to Artistic Ornamental Iron.

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