Orono Stair Rails for Loving Married Couple

Minnetonka Stair Rails Needed for Outdoor Safety

Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by an Orono shoe salesman the other day. He told us he was being henpecked into getting stair rails for their back steps by his very vocal, but very loving wife. He got tired of hearing his wife tell him over and over about needing stair rails in Orono, so he eventually called Artistic Ornamental Iron. He let us know that he needed quality stair rails, so we met with the man and his wife to see exactly what they wanted done for their steps.

Project Outline

The husband quietly sat there and let his wife tell Artistic Ornamental Iron that she wanted stair rails that would not rust or fade. She was not too concerned about any special designs. We let her know that all of our iron products are done by hand, then an acid was applied, which was then followed by a coat of galvanized zinc that would provide rust protection to the rails. We also let the couple know that all of our iron railings will meet all the code specifications for the city of Orono. They were both happy, and our team started creating the rails for them. Once they were built our qualified installers went to the home and installed the railings. Once the husband saw the completed work he was blown away and did not at all regret receiving such a significant upgrade to his property. The fact that it had made his wife happy also created joy for years to come, thanks to Artistic Ornamental Iron.

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