Ironwork in Maple Grove Completes New Set of Stairs

Bloomington Iron Fence

Recently, Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a teacher in Maple Grove. The teacher had just gotten new concrete steps installed at the backdoor of her house, but thought that it appeared as if something was missing from the whole setup. She had what she liked to call an a-ha moment and called Artistic Ornamental Iron to ask about their Maple Grove ironwork. The teacher had gotten an idea that if she had iron stair rails that the new steps would be complete.

We met with the customer and she told us about her realization. We understood what she was thinking and showed her some of our previous iron stair rails and she said “Yes, that is what I was thinking I needed!” She ended up asking us to craft some iron stair rails for her. Our professional wrought iron craftsmen started the iron stair rails for the customer. We do every bit of our work by hand and in house. We finished the rails and also installed them for her. Now,those few short steps that she had installed look stately and elegant thanks to the ironwork provided by Artistic Ornamental Iron in Maple Grove. The customer said that the iron stair rails put the finishing touch to the new concrete steps. She also said that not only do the steps look better, but they are much safer because if her guests need something safe and sturdy to hold onto when entering her backdoor they can now because of the ironwork we provided.

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