Is iron durable to withstand storms?

Yes, wrought iron is durable to withstand storms. It can withstand different weather conditions, which include strong winds, ice and snow storms, and other violent storms.  Many times wooden and aluminum products just bend, and pull away from the ground and home during a storm, which is a great advantage our products have because they don’t do that.

Our iron products add curb appeal, security, safety, but they can withstand severe weather conditions too. Artistic Ornamental Iron understands the importance of quality product that can withstand severe weather conditions along with adding beauty for your home. We hand craft all our wrought iron products, so we can provide our customers with the high quality products that will last and be durable. We give our customers a three year warranty on our wrought iron products. We thrive on being able to provide hand crafted wrought iron that is completely personal for each customer.

Artistic Ornamental Iron can provide you with wrought iron that will withstand all types of severe weather and weather conditions. Our wrought iron doesn’t just come from a factory, then to your home. Our wrought iron is hand crafted from steel, then goes through a hand weld, then a unique painting process along with a rust resistant application. Artistic Ornamental Iron welcomes your design. Contact us today, and let us turn your design into a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of art.

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