Gardener has Great Luck with Edina Wrought Iron Fencing


An Edina resident and avid gardener had gotten a ton of landscaping done over the summer, but some of the neighbor kids kept running through her landscaping on their way home from school. It seemed that cutting through her yard was faster for the kids, but it was causing her hard work and dedication to her landscaping to be trampled down. This problem hadn’t occurred until recently, and unfortunately the homeowner was not around during the day to let them know how much they are damaging her prized and lovely landscaping work, because she worked during the day. Instead of causing problems the homeowner opted for a beautiful wrought iron fencing Edina residents would be in awe of, so she contacted Artistic Ornamental Iron.

The fencing specialists with Artistic Ornamental Iron arrived at the home after the designers had measured the property, and the homeowner had selected her wrought iron fencing. We handmade and custom built the wrought iron fencing that she had requested, and we arrived to install the fencing. It took our team most of the day, but by late afternoon the project was complete. As our team was cleaning up, the homeowner arrived home and was left speechless. She said that her landscaping will be protected, and the fencing put that finishing touch that her home needed. She was overjoyed with each detail that was added to the fencing. She said that she was glad that she decided to have the wrought iron fencing Edina residents would be proud to have.

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