Family Dog Needs Great Iron Fence in Edina

Home’s Curb Appeal

Iron fence

An Edina family had just gotten a couple of dogs and they wanted to make sure the dogs could be outside without one of the family members having to supervise them constantly. They called Artistic Ornamental Iron for the Edina iron fence that would add value to their home and provide security while naturally keeping any pets in. The Artistic Ornamental Iron fencing experts met with the homeowners to go over iron fencing options. We let them know that would could personalize the fencing or gate if they wanted. We also told them that they wouldn’t have to worry about rust because we use a coat of galvanized compound zinc that would provide rust protection for the fencing. The homeowners just wanted a nice, simple iron fencing for their property, which were absolutely able to provide.

Our team here at Artistic Ornamental Iron started working on the fencing. We hand-welded all of our iron product and all the work was done by our own professional ironworkers. Once the fencing was completed we returned to the home in Edina and started the installation process. Within just two days the fencing was up. The family loved the look of their new fence, but most of all they were all glad that they could let the dogs outside to play and never have to worry about them getting out of the yard. The homeowners were thrilled with the beautiful results and are glad that they called the iron fence specialists in Edina, Artistic Ornamental Iron.

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