Chanhassen Window Guards for Peace of Mind

Chanhassen Window Guards for Peace of Mind

A local city clerk had been recently tasked with issuing Amber alerts to local smartphone users in the area. The city clerk couldn’t believe how much crime she had recently noticed. It really started bothering her and she started fearing for her own children and family. She had no idea that her town wasn’t as safe as she thought. Discouraged by the amount of crime in what is considered a very safe part of town, the clerk decided to have Chanhassen window guards installed for peace of mind, and she had the work done by Artistic Ornamental Iron.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron understood the customer’s concerns and our design team met with her at her Chanhassen home. She showed us the windows that she was interested in having window guards applied to and we measured the windows, then showed her some of the designs that we have done for previous customers. She selected her design, and we informed her that as soon as they were custom built and handmade our professional installers would return to apply them to her windows. Within a week our installers returned to the Chanhassen residence and installed the window guards. We showed her how safe and secure they would be and she would no longer have to worry about her family. The customer said she is now relieved because she has window guards Chanhassen parents could trust, thanks to Artistic Ornamental Iron and our quality craftsmanship that we provided for her.

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