Chanhassen Iron Railings Accents Interior Staircase

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A language teacher had a really cool spiral staircase installed in her European style home, but she completely forgot about the Chanhassen iron railings that she would need for the staircase. She called Artistic Ornamental Iron and we came out to the site. The Artistic Ornamental Iron specialists looked over the spiral staircase thoroughly. It was a fairly complicated custom job, but it would be no problem for us to be able to create the metal railings that she needed.

Iron Railings in Chanhassen

The Artistic Ornamental Iron team went to work on creating the customized metal railings for the customer. The metal railings would be hand welded and fabricated to create the spiral railings that were needed. The team got the railings done, and we returned to the Chanhassen home to install them for the customer. Our professional installers got the installation performed in just a few hours and now the spiral staircase has the finishing touch that it was lacking, which was the best metal railings Chanhassen homeowners would adore. The teacher is so proud of her wrought iron railings and staircase that she has been taking pictures of it in all different angles, then posting it on all of her social media pages. She has had so many ‘likes’ that everyone is asking her who made the wrought iron railings for her, and she proudly says, “Artistic Ornamental Iron!” the professional custom iron company in Chanhassen. She is planning an open house party now, so she can showcase her new railings.

Custom wrought iron railings add beauty, class and value to your home. Artistic Ornamental Iron is your Minneapolis, MN custom iron railing specialists. We offer unique, one-of-a-kind interior and exterior railings designed individually for each customer. We know that Minneapolis residents want their property to stand out and look amazing. We have over twenty years of custom iron railing experience. All of our iron railings are handmade, fully welded and fabricated by professional technicians. We pride ourselves on providing amazing iron railings your neighbors will envy.

Custom Iron railing in Minneapolis

For more information or to request a free estimate, visit their website at or give them a call at (763) 370-2279.

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