Bloomington Metal Railings Enhance Hang-Out Spot

Metal Railings

Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a basketball enthusiast. The basketball lover really loved hanging out on his stoop after shooting hoops in his driveway. He spent so much time there with his friends that he thought it could use a bit of an improvement, so he called us to install his new Bloomington metal railings, and was sure glad he did when the metal railings were installed.

Artistic Ornamental Iron met with the homeowner in Bloomington, so we could look at his stoop and get an idea on what he would like to have done. We showed the homeowner photos of some of the metal railings we provided for other Bloomington homeowners, and let him know that we could personalize his railings with a scroll or even a favorite symbol, and all the metal railings that we provide for our customers are handmade and hand welded by our professional team. The homeowner showed us the design that he was wanting and we measured the steps and area, then let the customer know that as soon as the railings were created we would return to install them, which we did not long afterwards. All of his friends loved the work that was done and gave him many compliments on how nice it looked while still being incredibly practical and functional. The basketball enthusiast said he is thrilled on how the railings turned out and is grateful that he called Artistic Ornamental Iron for the best metal railings Bloomington homeowners would be proud of at their home.

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