Bloomington Iron Fence is Convenient and Secure

Bloomington Iron Fence

Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a cardiovascular surgeon in Bloomington. The surgeon had been spending many hours during the week away from home at the hospital. He wanted peace of mind and added security for his family while he was away and quickly realized that a Bloomington iron fence for his home would provide that along with value and curb appeal. He contacted Artistic Ornamental Iron and was completely ecstatic at the results.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron met with the surgeon and his wife. We showed them photos of some of our previous iron fences that we had created for customers in the neighborhood. We let the couple know that each iron fence would be handmade and specially designed for each customer and we use only products that are made in the USA. The couple asked if they had to worry about the fence rusting, and we let them know that we add a rust protection to the fence along with three coats of paint, so they would never have that worry. The couple ordered their iron fence and our professional crew handmade the fence. We returned to install the fence and when the surgeon came home from work he was highly impressed. He said he loved the way the fence looked, but most of all that his family would be safe when he was away at work. He said Artistic Ornamental Iron provides the best iron fence Bloomington homeowners can appreciate.

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