3 Reasons You Should Install an Iron Driveway Gate at Your Home

Iron Driveway Gate

Have you noticed the uptick in iron driveway gates in your neighborhood? You’re not seeing things—iron driveway gates are becoming one of Artistic Ornamental Iron’s most sought-after products. Custom iron gates add safety, security, and elegance to your property. A decorative iron driveway gate not only boosts your home’s curb appeal, it can also increase its property value. Here are 3 Reasons You Should Install an Iron Driveway Gate at Your Home.

  1. An iron driveway gate keeps your family safe.

One obvious benefit to installing a driveway gate is that it keeps unwanted or unexpected visitors from entering your property, whether you’re at home or on vacation. When integrated into your property’s fence, a driveway gate can also keep your children and pets safe while they’re playing in your yard and driveway. Our iron gates are handmade to your design specifications and installed with a US Automatic gate operator so you can open and close the gate with the push of a remote.

  1. An iron driveway gate can increase your home’s curb appeal.

Driveway gates create a striking first impression as visitors approach your property. While there are many ready-made designs available online, investing in a custom design ensures your gate complements the architecture of your home and the style of your landscaping. Artistic Ornamental Iron specializes in hand-designed, custom iron gates, but we don’t limit ourselves to iron alone. We can incorporate other materials, such as wood, into your driveway gate design to help your property stand out in your neighborhood.

  1. An iron driveway gate can increase your home’s value.

All that curb appeal can translate into real dollars when it comes time to sell your property. Buyers love the security and custom, elegant look an iron gate provides. Installing an electric operator to open and close the gate can increase your property value even further.

Deciding on an iron driveway gate design.

You have hundreds of options to choose from when you design a custom iron driveway gate. Gates can be single or dual, flat-topped or arched, manually operated or remotely controlled. The professionals at Artistic Ornamental Iron can help you narrow down your options and finalize a design that enhances your property and fits your budget.

To get started on your driveway gate design, contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for design inspirations!  Please like us on Facebook and share our story with your friends.

Ironwork in Plymouth Distinguishes New Showroom

A flooring fabricator had just built out a small showroom for wholesalers. The owners wanted some nice railings for their doors that would be durable and as high quality as their product. He did a bit of research on the internet and decided to call Artistic Ornamental Iron for the Plymouth ironwork because of the good reviews that he had read about us.

The Artistic Ornamental Ironwork experts in Plymouth went to the fabrication store location and met with the owners. We let them know that our ironwork is all customized for commercial businesses and the railings would be durable, strong, and look fantastic. Our experts measured the area, then went over a few of our railing designs with the business owner. The customers showed us what they had in mind for their railings, and we let them know as soon as they were built our professional installers would return to do the installation. Once the custom, hand-welded iron railings were created, our team returned and installed them for the customer. The customers praised us continuously for our craftsmanship and attention to detail. The customers agreed that Artistic Ornamental Iron provides unique, high quality ironwork Plymouth business owners and their customers would truly appreciate. We’re always happy to do a good job and really appreciate it when a customer praises our high quality product. Artistic Ornamental Iron must have left a good impression with our ironwork, because we have received several calls from new customers who have visited the flooring fabricator and seen our outstanding ironwork.

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Bloomington Window Guards Secure New Den

Artistic Ornamental Iron recently received a call from a father in Bloomington. The father had just finished his basement in which he had turned it into a den, but he had a very large TV in the main room with garden level windows looking directly in. He was needing quality window guards in Bloomington to add some value to his home while still providing security, so he called Artistic Ornamental Iron.

The staff met with the homeowner and he showed us the window that he wanted to have window guards installed. We let him know that we always provide our customers with high quality wrought iron products that are customized for each customer’s needs and preferences. We also told him that all of our ironwork is handmade and fully welded. We measured the window area, then gave the customer an estimate that he couldn’t pass up. Our professional ironworkers went to work handcrafting the window guards for this customer. We added a coat of galvanized compound zinc that would provide protection from rust, then we applied three coats of paint. We called the customer to let him know that his guards were built and to schedule the installation. Our installers arrived on time and successfully installed the product that the customer was needing and wanting. The customer looked at the finished product and said those are the best window guards in Bloomington. He said that the Artistic Ornamental Iron team added unique detail that stands out and makes his home look great.

Plymouth Wrought Iron Baluster Updates Home Interior

Plymouth Iron Baluster

A couple was looking to replace an outdated old wooden baluster in their home with a new iron baluster. They did some research on what kind of options and materials they might have, and realized that Artistic Ornamental Iron’s Plymouth wrought iron balusters would be the perfect choice. At first the couple thought they could just replace the wooden baluster themselves, but they both agreed that they had no experience at this and it would cost more in the long run to even try to do this type of project.

Our knowledgeable staff met with the homeowners in Plymouth and went over a few of our baluster styles, which include modern, scrolled, twisted, and all hand forged! The couple wanted to have a scroll and twisted type for their home. They wanted something different and unique. We measured the area, then we went to work creating a one-of-a-kind baluster that these customers would be in awe over. Our iron-workers hand welded, hand crafted, and created the balusters for the customers. They made sure that they added scrolls and twists that looked outstanding. We returned and installed them for the customers and the customers said that they were sure happy that they contacted Artistic Ornamental Iron for their balusters because they look beautiful. The couple said that Artistic Ornamental Iron is the wrought iron specialists Plymouth homeowners would appreciate. The balusters is now the focus point in their home. They look great, add value, and safety, which is what the customers wanted.

Bloomington Metal Railings Enhance Hang-Out Spot

Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a basketball enthusiast. The basketball lover really loved hanging out on his stoop after shooting hoops in his driveway. He spent so much time there with his friends that he thought it could use a bit of an improvement, so he called us to install his new Bloomington metal railings, and was sure glad he did when the metal railings were installed.

Artistic Ornamental Iron met with the homeowner in Bloomington, so we could look at his stoop and get an idea on what he would like to have done. We showed the homeowner photos of some of the metal railings we provided for other Bloomington homeowners, and let him know that we could personalize his railings with a scroll or even a favorite symbol, and all the metal railings that we provide for our customers are handmade and hand welded by our professional team. The homeowner showed us the design that he was wanting and we measured the steps and area, then let the customer know that as soon as the railings were created we would return to install them, which we did not long afterwards. All of his friends loved the work that was done and gave him many compliments on how nice it looked while still being incredibly practical and functional. The basketball enthusiast said he is thrilled on how the railings turned out and is grateful that he called Artistic Ornamental Iron for the best metal railings Bloomington homeowners would be proud of at their home.

Plymouth Baluster Built to Last

Recently, Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a homeowner in Plymouth. The homeowner is a professional painter that had decided to get rid of an old oversized TV from his master bedroom. He and his buddy was carrying the TV out when they set it on a wooden baluster near the staircase to get a better grip on the TV. Unfortunately, the two severely damaged the woodwork, but the painter decided to have it replaced for the home with an iron baluster in Plymouth.

He called us based upon a friend’s recommendation, and we were able to upgrade the appearance of the railing for the Plymouth resident. The Artistic Ornamental Iron meet with the homeowner and he showed us the wooden baluster. We showed the homeowner a few of the iron balusters that we have provided for other residents in the city. The homeowner was captivated by one of the photos and wanted his iron baluster to resemble that one. In no time at all we had the iron balusters built and installed for the homeowner. The customer said he was highly impressed with the craftsmanship that went into his baluster, because as a painter he said it takes patience, dedication, and passion to create art and that is exactly what his baluster is now. The customer said he is very thankful that his friend recommended Artistic Ornamental Iron for the best baluster Plymouth homeowners appreciate, because the staircase is transformed and looks amazing now, thanks to Artistic Ornamental Iron.

Minnetonka Stair Rails Needed for Outdoor Safety

A homeowner had a problem once it had become cold. They had slipped on the ice when exiting their home, and they did not want to repeat the same dangerous mistake. She called Artistic Ornamental Iron for an estimate on Minnetonka stair rails. The Artistic Ornamental Iron crew understood her concerns and we met with her at her home that very same day.

Stair Rails are Custom Made

We provided her with a number of options, and she decided on some lovely wrought iron railings. We let the customer know that her wrought iron railings would be hand welded and made by our professional welders. The Artistic Ornamental Iron crew started working on the customer’s stair rails and when we had them custom made for her, then we returned to her home to install them for her. We were able to fabricate and install the requested railings with ease. The customer and her daughter was very happy to see the wrought iron railings installed, because now she will have something to hold on when the stairs are slippery and wet. The customer’s daughter told us that her mother has been living by herself for a short time now that she has moved out and when she found out that her mother slipped on the ice she wanted her mother to do something about it, so she wouldn’t get hurt anymore. The family are very pleased with the work that Artistic Ornamental Iron had provided for them and they both agree that they received the best stair rails Minnetonka homeowners can really trust.

Whatever your style and the style of your home, Artistic Ornamental Iron can create a custom iron door that looks great and will last for decades. For more design inspiration or to get started on your custom door design, contact Artistic Ornamental Iron today.

Chanhassen Iron Railings Accents Interior Staircase

A language teacher had a really cool spiral staircase installed in her European style home, but she completely forgot about the Chanhassen metal railings that she would need for the staircase. She called Artistic Ornamental Iron and we came out to the site. The Artistic Ornamental Iron specialists looked over the spiral staircase thoroughly. It was a fairly complicated custom job, but it would be no problem for us to be able to create the metal railings that she needed.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron team went to work on creating the customized metal railings for the customer. The metal railings would be hand welded and fabricated to create the spiral railings that were needed. The team got the railings done, and we returned to the Chanhassen home to install them for the customer. Our professional installers got the installation performed in just a few hours and now the spiral staircase has the finishing touch that it was lacking, which was the best metal railings Chanhassen homeowners would adore. The teacher is so proud of her wrought iron railings and staircase that she has been taking pictures of it in all different angles, then posting it on all of her social media pages. She has had so many ‘likes’ that everyone is asking her who made the wrought iron railings for her, and she proudly says, “Artistic Ornamental Iron!” the professional custom iron company in Chanhassen. She is planning an open house party now, so she can showcase her new railings.

Custom wrought iron railings add beauty, class and value to your home. Artistic Ornamental Iron is your Minneapolis, MN custom iron railing specialists. We offer unique, one-of-a-kind interior and exterior railings designed individually for each customer. We know that Minneapolis residents want their property to stand out and look amazing. We have over twenty years of custom iron railing experience. All of our iron railings are handmade, fully welded and fabricated by professional technicians. We pride ourselves on providing amazing iron railings your neighbors will envy.

Plymouth Metal Railings Facilitate Workflow

A mechanic was wanting to install some safety measures in the garage he was converting into a shop. He called Artistic Ornamental Iron for metal railings in Plymouth that could give him something to grab onto from under cars and also hang rags and towels off of for easy access. The mechanic also wanted something that would last and also not stain, so we met with him to go over his goals.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron professionals met with the customer in Plymouth and he showed us the garage that he was converting into a shop to work on cars and motorcycles in. He wanted to be able to use the metal railings to help him get up when he was laying on the ground. We let him know that we would custom make his railings to meet his needs and expectations, which we did. Our ironworkers hand welded and created the railings for the customer and our installers returned under two weeks to have them installed. Once they were installed the mechanic said he wanted to try them out just to make sure they were stable and durable. He laid down and use the railings to help him get up. He said this is exactly what I was wanting. He said Artistic Ornamental Iron provided him with the best metal railings Plymouth residents would admire. He said the metal railings were not only going to assist him, but they also look great too.

Bloomington Iron Fence is Convenient and Secure

Artistic Ornamental Iron was contacted by a cardiovascular surgeon in Bloomington. The surgeon had been spending many hours during the week away from home at the hospital. He wanted peace of mind and added security for his family while he was away and quickly realized that a Bloomington iron fence for his home would provide that along with value and curb appeal. He contacted Artistic Ornamental Iron and was completely ecstatic at the results.

The Artistic Ornamental Iron met with the surgeon and his wife. We showed them photos of some of our previous iron fences that we had created for customers in the neighborhood. We let the couple know that each iron fence would be handmade and specially designed for each customer and we use only products that are made in the USA. The couple asked if they had to worry about the fence rusting, and we let them know that we add a rust protection to the fence along with three coats of paint, so they would never have that worry. The couple ordered their iron fence and our professional crew handmade the fence. We returned to install the fence and when the surgeon came home from work he was highly impressed. He said he loved the way the fence looked, but most of all that his family would be safe when he was away at work. He said Artistic Ornamental Iron provides the best iron fence Bloomington homeowners can appreciate.