5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Wood Fence with Wrought Iron Fence

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Wrought Iron Fence

Beauty of Wrought Iron Fence

You bought your dream house in Wayzata and you are excited about nearly every inch of it…except for the fencing around the property. Currently, an old wood fence surrounds the home, but it is rotting and falling apart. After you unpack and settle into your new digs, the first order of business will be to replace that fence.

You could replace it with another wood fence, chain link fence, or wrought iron fence. Which option is the best? Let’s explore.

Durability a of Wrought Iron Fence

The Twin Cities climate is not a friend to wood fencing, and that’s probably one reason why the current fence looks like it’s rotting. Replacing it with wood probably doesn’t make the most sense.

Wrought iron fencing, on the other hand, is not affected by our weather the way wood – or even chain link – fences are. Snow and rain won’t affect the material and cause it to lose its strength or durability.


Wood fences require lots of upkeep. Along with the weather, wood attracts pests, which can also affect its structural integrity. Many homeowners either paint or repaint their wood fences as a way to protect it from the sun, snow and rain, or they end up having to replace the posts due to the same elements.

The maintenance required with wrought iron fencing is pretty minimal and you won’t have to worry about replacing any posts. The only upkeep you may need to do is paint it every few years to protect it from rusting, but that’s small price to pay.

Security of Wrought Iron Fence

Let’s face it – anyone can hop over a chain-link fence. And wood fences aren’t that difficult to breach, either. Wrought iron fences, on the other hand, are as secure as they come.  They are hard to scale, and the spacing between each post is narrow enough to keep anyone – including children – from sneaking through.

Aesthetics of Wrought Iron Fence

Not all fences are created equally when it comes to their looks. The great thing about wrought iron fences is that they not only add beauty, but they also add sophistication to your property.

Whether you want a look that is ornate, modern, or something in between, you have plenty of options with wrought iron, and chances are you’ll end up with a look that is impossible to capture with any other material.

Increased value

The look, security and durability that a wrought iron fence provides will increase the value of your property. People will drive by with envy when they see your fence, and when the time comes to sell your home, the wrought iron fence will be asset to your property.

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Wrought Iron Fence

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