3 Tips for Upgrading Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your home or plan to stay for decades, your home’s landscaping and iron fencing should be attractive and safe. An inviting front yard and entryway welcome guests up from the street and into your home. And if you’re selling, your home’s curb appeal can make or break a buyer’s decision to even tour it.

Landscape architects help homeowners upgrade their home’s curb appeal for safety, beauty, and enjoyment. Often, Artistic Ornamental Iron is pulled into landscaping projects to provide custom iron fencing, gates, deck railings, and front doors. Here are three tips we’ve learned that can help you make the most of your home’s front yard, straight from the pros.

  1. Balance Plants with Hardscape Features.

When most people think of landscaping, they imagine flowers, lawns, and hours spent weeding and mowing. But there’s more to great curb appeal than a pop of color and a carpet of grass. Hardscaping includes all the foundational features that give structure to your plantings. Driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, fencing, fountains, outdoor kitchens, and even decks are all considered essential components of great curb appeal.

Hardscaping anchors the planting design and makes your yard safe and accessible. It provides balance and a transition between the structure of your home and the green space of your yard. Custom-designed wrought iron fencing and gates can give definition to your property’s boundaries and keep kids and pets safe.

  1. Light the Way.

We love the long days of a Minnesota summer. But sadly, we’ll lose daylight steadily through the fall. To upgrade your curb appeal and the safety of your property, consider adding lighting to your walkways and entryway. Lighting adds warmth and dimension to your yard throughout the evening and allows guests to find their way to your door in the dark. You can even use lighting to feature a tree, shrub, or other planting.

Lighting is also a great complement to the dark beauty of custom wrought iron railings and front doors. Not only does lighting help your guests find your porch railing, the warmth from the light balances out the look and texture of the hard iron surface.

  1. Think Seasonal (Yes, Winter, Too).

Homes with great curb appeal welcome you home all year long. If your garden beds or full of annuals, or if your front yard is just grass, it looks barren during the winter months. Trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses all provide great interest during winter. Landscape architects always design with all four seasons in mind.

Our iron fencing and railings look handsome against a snowy landscape (and a green one, too!). They also provide safety for guests navigating icy walkways and porches. You can check out how our custom iron projects look in all seasons in our gallery.

Late summer is a great time to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Artistic Ornamental Iron can help your home stand out from its neighbors and provide safety and beauty for your family to enjoy. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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